What is the purpose of NHCC?
How do I make an appointment?
Can I make an appointment online or by email?
Is there a charge?
How do I learn more about the counselors?
Must clients be Christians?
Will my information be kept confidential?
Is NHCC only for adults?
May I share about NHCC with a friend?
How long is each counseling session?
When is NHCC open?
What kinds of life-issues does NHCC address?
Is NHCC professional therapy?
Is NHCC a crisis counseling ministry?
Is NHCC a substance abuse counseling ministry?
Are the counselors members of any counseling associations?
Will NHCC refer clients to other counseling practices?
Do NHCC counselors prescribe medications?
Is NHCC connected to a church?
Where is NHCC located?
Will the pastor of St. John’s Church be given the names of the NHCC clients?